Blueforce is proud to be a part of Samsung Electronics America Public Safety Showcase in NYC on September 13, 2018 where we will provide hands-on demonstration of the Blueforce Hyper Enabled Responder.  Event starts at 11:30A with a keynote from TJ Kennedy. LOCATION: Samsung 837, 837 Washington Street, New York, New York To attend, please RSVP.

Blueforce Development Corporation (BDC), at the request of Boston Fire Department (BFD) and Metro Boston USAR team, provided operational support for the Operation SCORE exercise at Joint Base Cape Cod during two night-time operational periods: September 15, 2017 starting at 1800 EDT running until 0700 EDT on September 16, 2017, and September 16, 2017 starting at 1800 EDT running until 0600 EDT on September 17, 2017. Operation SCORE was a 72

It was a sight that nightmares are made of; Tons of rubble and rebar and the screams of people trapped after a terrorist detonated an improvised car bomb at a school where a town meeting was being held.  The walking wounded swarmed first responders as they arrived on site and the dead could be seen on the school ground. This was the scene that hundreds of search and rescue personnel

Verizon Selects Blueforce for the new Verizon Technology and Policy Center in Washington, DC Verizon recently launched their new Technology and Policy Center in Washington DC where Blueforce was selected and implemented as one of seven immersive displays for Public Safety and Smart Cities. Verizon created this space to tell stories. Not just Verizon stories, but stories that show how Verizon and their partners like Blueforce are creating the networks

From seeing to sensing…  Blueforce Field Day 2017 is scheduled for June 1, 2017 at TSE headquarters in Fayetteville, NC and features a track focused on MWD/K9 as a Sensing platform.  Working dogs deliver superior service for national security missions because they are a highly effective sensing platform. Although canine motility extends human ingress and egress capabilities, limitations of physiology, distance, and communications, still pose challenges to scaling their effects.

Blueforce customers live in a world where Command decisions drive mission success or mission failure, and where life and death is a function of actionable information getting to the right person at the right time. Most often, the perishability of tactical information is measured in minutes. A robustly networked operational environment coupled with the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the game specific to real-time access to team movement, health,

Blueforce was proud to take part in MEDWAR 2017 SOUTHEAST as a guest of VCOM/Auburn. Exposure to extreme heat is a reality of any form of public safety/military training and unit preparation for operational missions, MEDWAR included. Many heat illnesses are preventable, and none should be fatal. Leaders must assess unit’s missions and training requirements against the risk associated with operating in warm weather environments. Early recognition and treatment of

Thousands of workers fall victim to heat related injuries annually. Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion can occur quickly and early signs are often ignored as workers are focused on accomplishing their assigned tasks. These injuries can occur when work is being done outside and inside and are a major concern of EHS groups across a wide swath of industries. The fact is that heat related illness is very preventable. When