A Blueforce advisor told us very early on that to truly understand customer pain and the very problems we hoped to solve with our technology, we had to “live a week in the breach”. So we did, and we continue to do so. We spend many, many weeks each year deployed alongside of intelligence analysts, far forward commanders, door kickers, CBRN responders, EOD, investigators, undercover officers, MWD/K9 units, and others.

Blueforce Announces General Availability of BlueforceEDGE Azure IoT Plugin for Real-Time Stream Analytics Our industry talks a lot about the importance of information, but what often goes missing is any consideration of the PERISHABILITY of information. That is, some bits of data have a shelf life measured in minutes and hours, where other bits hold value for days, months, and even years. Blueforce chose to innovate on the former in

Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) has become a core focus given the potential for executing special operations missions in or near sites suspected of manufacturing, storing, or supporting weapons of mass destruction (WMD) to include chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN). A generation ago, regimes with access to these munitions were limited to developed and relatively stable nation states. However, the operating environment has drastically changed, as less stable regimes and

Every year, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Annual Conference and Exposition delivers a powerful multi-day program that consists of unmatched educational tracks, renowned keynote speakers, and the largest collection of technology solutions available for law enforcement. Blueforce is proud to announce our participation at IACP 2017 through partnership with Microsoft and Harris Corporation. Michael Helfrich, Blueforce CEO, will present in the Microsoft Public Safety Innovation Theater (Booth

From seeing to sensing, and from assessing to anticipating.  Blueforce Tactical and our Command Center products were specifically designed to enable “small unit swarming”, an ability for responders from diverse agencies, to rapidly form responder networks to counter coordinated and simultaneous assaults often directed against multiple targets, using highly mobile groups to inflict casualties, garner press, and to inflict considerable human and infrastructure damage. These hybrid operations (such as the

For years, firefighters have leveraged PASS devices (Personal Alert Safety System) which are also referred to as distress signal unit (DSU) when going into building fires or other dangerous IDLH environments The PASS device sounds a loud (95 decibel) audible alert to notify others in the area that the firefighter is in distress, usually triggered by a lack of motion by the firefighter for a specific period of time (set

Nothing is more frightening than asymmetric threats that involve the use of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) agents by non-nation state actors. Deployed tactical teams are increasingly being exposed to CBRN threats, including terrorist attacks with non-conventional means and where threats involve large quantities of toxic industrial chemicals, all posing severe hazards to deployed forces. A lack of warning and reaction time is a prime characteristic of this type

Blueforce DC METRO Field Day is quickly approaching. No Powerpoint. No lectures. Just a day of “hands-on” with leading-edge emergency management, first responder, law enforcement, and counter-terrorism technologies. The event is sponsored by Blueforce Development, Tech Data, Sprint, and Mac Business Solutions. “Track 2” will feature “Sensing Platforms for WMD/CBRNE” and will demonstrate the latest in technology for mobile curtains of WMD sensing plus shared Situational Awareness. Person-carried, unattended, and

With a stated challenge by government officials in shortening what is known as the sensor-to-shooter cycle – the amount of time it takes from when a hostile threat is detected by a sensor – either human or electronic – and when it is attacked, Blueforce Tactical and emerging sensing platforms deliver a closed loop and rapidly adaptable hardware/software platform for real-time sensing leveraging already deployed mobile personnel where every deployed