In any crisis – whether a natural disaster, a terror attack or an industrial catastrophe – every second counts. Blueforce is integrated into a live scenario event that puts the latest crisis response innovations in first responders’ hands to help save lives at Operation Convergent Response 2018 (#OCR2018).   The event is being held Nov. 5-8, 2018 at the Guardian Centers in Perry, Ga., USA, #OCR2018 will once again bring together dozens of

Blueforce Development Corporation (BDC), at the request of Boston Fire Department (BFD) and Metro Boston USAR team, provided operational support for the Operation SCORE exercise at Joint Base Cape Cod during two night-time operational periods: September 15, 2017 starting at 1800 EDT running until 0700 EDT on September 16, 2017, and September 16, 2017 starting at 1800 EDT running until 0600 EDT on September 17, 2017. Operation SCORE was a 72

Every year, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Annual Conference and Exposition delivers a powerful multi-day program that consists of unmatched educational tracks, renowned keynote speakers, and the largest collection of technology solutions available for law enforcement. Blueforce is proud to announce our participation at IACP 2017 through partnership with Microsoft and Harris Corporation. Michael Helfrich, Blueforce CEO, will present in the Microsoft Public Safety Innovation Theater (Booth

It was a sight that nightmares are made of; Tons of rubble and rebar and the screams of people trapped after a terrorist detonated an improvised car bomb at a school where a town meeting was being held.  The walking wounded swarmed first responders as they arrived on site and the dead could be seen on the school ground. This was the scene that hundreds of search and rescue personnel

PoliceOne is THE authoritative source for Law Enforcement and their recent article proves it. Every officer, every soldier, is a Blueforce Sensing Platform.  It’s a common doctrinal goal for network-centric operations.  Today, we have specialized military and police dogs that are trained specifically for bomb detection, yet, a limited number of resourecs can only be deployed so far and so wide. We need bomb “noses” far and wide. When we fuse silicon based

From seeing to sensing, and from assessing to anticipating.  Blueforce Tactical and our Command Center products were specifically designed to enable “small unit swarming”, an ability for responders from diverse agencies, to rapidly form responder networks to counter coordinated and simultaneous assaults often directed against multiple targets, using highly mobile groups to inflict casualties, garner press, and to inflict considerable human and infrastructure damage. These hybrid operations (such as the

Knowledge is power.  Successful tactical training is even better.  OPS15 and Alpha Canis will be hosting a 2-Day training event at their Southfield Training Facility and Blueforce will be there.  This dynamic training event will give participants from the public safety, military, and private sector an opportunity to share some ideas and knowledge on best practices from a diverse group of instructors relative to the threats we face today. Short

Blueforce Tactical and Blueforce BlueBeacon offer mobile teams an unprecedented level of shared situational awareness during lone worker, fire, hazmat, chemical, radiological, and explosives incident responses. While Blueforce manufactures best-in-class mobile software for deployed teams, these teams leverage smart devices upon which Blueforce software executes to take advantage of the fused sensing, location, and information sharing services that Blueforce software provides. While these types of incidents are a relatively small