A Blueforce advisor told us very early on that to truly understand customer pain and the very problems we hoped to solve with our technology, we had to “live a week in the breach”. So we did, and we continue to do so. We spend many, many weeks each year deployed alongside of intelligence analysts, far forward commanders, door kickers, CBRN responders, EOD, investigators, undercover officers, MWD/K9 units, and others.

General Stanley A. McChrystal (RET) will likely go down in history as a fundamental change agent in how we think about and organize to counter a very different 21st century threat model. His success in the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) was rooted in seeing our enemies as decentralized and autonomous fighting forces. They are not bound by treaty nor institutional rules of engagement, but by ideology. To counter an

Counter-terrorism operations take so many shapes across the national security landscape.  We have been there first hand, from Iraq to the African continent, to New York City.  Our heros in New York City present one way, while our friends who jump into new found tunnels on the border present another.  Our participation in Military Working Dog programs and how they leverage our technology never ceases to amaze us.  In all

Blueforce is proud to announce that we have been named one of the “Top 10 Homeland Security Solution Providers” by CIOReview magazine.  In a world dominated by asymmetric threats, a split second’s delay in command decision can drive the success or failure of a mission. In such a scenario, ensuring that the right person at the right time receives actionable information is essential for mission success. Driven to empower homeland

Blueforce Development technologies have been a cornerstone for border counter-terrorism joint task forces (JTF) since 2009 here in the United States and OCONUS.  Our sensor fusion technology, found in both BlueforceEDGE and BlueforceTACTICAL, enables sensors from disparate manufacturers to be fused into a single stream of data, enabling the coveted single pane of glass common operating picture.  You can see it in action here in one of our YouTube videos.