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BlueBeacon is a highly secure software based emergency notification system that provides a safety net for workers deployed in potentially dangerous environments. The product delivers location services, secure text communications, covert emergency camera triggering, “listen live” capability, and provides situational awareness of end-user movement and position. Built on Blueforce’s patented location and sensor fusion platform, BlueBeacon endpoints can be autonomously monitored where no personnel are required and panic notifications are done with email and SMS.

Panic Signaling

Overt, or covert: A simple swipe on the user interface or pulling the headphone jack out of the smartphone (Android) puts BlueBeacon into a panic state.


When geospatial location isn’t enough, BlueBeacon check-in/check-out allows workers to signal a higher level of overwatch.


End user controls who has access to their location information. All information transmitted using FIPS 140-2 military grade encryption.

Real-Time Location

Latitude, longitude, altitude, and bearing sent to one or more BlueforceCOMMAND or BlueforceEDGE endpoints at user defined intervals.

Secure Text

BlueBeacon users may exchange secure text chat with one or more subscribed endpoints to exchange emergency information and instructions.

Imagery and Audio

BlueBeacon can be configured to send photos at a periodic interval from front and rear cameras and enables “listen-live” on panics.

How Blueforce Beacon is being used today

Blueforce BlueBeacon provides a safety net for those who require personal protection, work in remote and potentially hazardous environments, or for campus/corporate safety and security.

Allied Health Workers

Real time awareness and monitoring of mobile allied health worker location with best in class life safety and checkin capabilities.

Social Services

Confidence in knowing where your mobile social workers are providing a safety net as they do their work.


Monitoring and regulatory solutions for complex health, safety, and environmental compliance.


BlueBeacon enables utility companies to more efficiently task mobile crews and augment life safety monitoring in emergencies.

“Safety applies with equal force to the individual, to the family, to the employer, to the state, the nation and to international affairs.”

William M. Jeffers, former President, Union Pacific Railroad Co. (1946)

  • OS: Android v4.2 through 6.0; iOS v9.2.1 and above
  • Processor: 1.0GHz or better
  • Screen: 480 x 800 or better
  • Memory: 10 MB for application
  • Storage: Varies by use case
  • Network: TCP/IP, 112Kbps or better
  • Account: XMPP Account for WAN use (Supported by Apple, GoogleTalk, Sun, Oracle, Cisco, and open source switches)
  • Executive Protection
  • School and Campus Safety
  • Visiting Nurses and other In-Home Services
  • Lone Workers
  • Life Safety and Occupational Health
  • Living Assistance Service Providers
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Blueforce Beacon