4 Mission Essentials
for the Hyper Enabled Operator

A Blueforce eBook

The increasing speed of unpredictable and chaotic events collapses the tactical decision space for military commanders and first responders. Forward sensor fusion with edge-based processing accelerates recognitional decision making.

Moving data is easy, but deriving meaning and then getting it to the right person at the right time has been largely left to the commander to interpret and deliver. The introduction of the hybrid cloud, where edge-based operations fuse with cloud cognitive services, has only recently been realized and Blueforce is proud to be one of the first solution providers to fuse the tactical edge with cloud AI/cognitive services. Combining rapid swarming interfaces and immediate connectivity amongst the right people, sensors, and AI-enabled information services, allows responders and warfighters to more quickly make sense of what is going on at a scene, without the information overload. This is the where the Hyper Enabled Operator becomes a reality: It’s sense-making, where the incident meets the commanders intent, enabled by human and silicon sensing, and analyzed by cloud and edge-based AI. It enables intelligent routing of actionable information to the operator who is postured to act. NOW.

This eBook includes topics such as:

  1. Rapid swarming of people, sensors, and services
  2. Recognitional cognitive services to the palm of your hand
  3. Dynamic discovery of people, sensors, and capabilities based on location and mission requirements
  4. Routing RELEVANT open source intelligence and tactical background data in real-time to those in a position to respond

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