5 Benefits
of Blueforce Advanced Security
Solutions for Event Security

A Blueforce eBook

Blueforce Advanced Security solutions bring decision making capabilities to the tactical edge and enables personnel charged with maintaining security and safety to make better informed decisions, faster.

Our nation’s stadiums, arenas, and concert venues host millions of people each year for special events. The majority of these venues will not contend with an extreme emergency during a given year. However, as we have seen recently in Las Vegas, consequences of extreme activity at these events, whether caused by human violence, natural disaster or another factor can be devastating on a personal, community and even national level. Blueforce Advanced Security solutions leverage Blueforce’s patented mobile and sensor fusion technology platform to provide security teams with an operational advantage, enabling better informed, and faster tactical decision making.

This eBook includes topics such as:

  1. On-Scene “Single Pane of Glass” Common Operating Picture
  2. The Value of Real-time Location Services, Indoors and Outdoors
  3. Distributed and Shared Live Video and Sensor Data
  4. Intelligent Stream Analytics

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