Beating The Heat: Preventing Heat-Related Illness

A Blueforce eBook

Thousands of workers fall victim to heat related injuries annually. Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion can occur quickly and early signs are often ignored as workers are focused on accomplishing their assigned tasks. These injuries can occur when work is being done outside and inside and are a major concern of EHS groups across a wide swath of industries. Cost-effective technology exists today to help keep these workers safe.

The Blueforce WBGT Heat Illness Prevention solution has been designed through collaboration with EHS specialists specifically to provide an effective tool for monitoring workers and ensuring adherence to your organization’s heat safety protocols.

Leveraging the inherent mobile capabilities in the Blueforce platform, the WBGT solution ensures that supervisors and EHS personnel have real time awareness of the thermal risk their crews are facing.  Additionally, the workers in the field can see instantly current heat risk levels and the required heat illness reduction protocols. The solution is flexible and easy to deploy.

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