Blueforce Sensor Fabric:
From Seeing to Sensing and from Assessing to Anticipating

A Blueforce eBook

Increasingly pervasive sensor technology presents the opportunity for operators to extend their capabilities, share information horizontally, and swarm faster than their adversaries, by communicating with sensing devices that are installed at fixed locations, carried, mounted on manned and unmanned systems, or worn on the body.

US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Commander, General Tony Thomas recently said, “We need to go from just seeing to sensing and from just assessing to anticipating”.

Underneath the skin of Blueforce mobile and command center applications is a sensor fabric, composed of a proprietary and patented Decentralized Fusion Engine (DFE) and an open architecture sensor messaging fabric (SMF). The DFE interfaces with sensors, services, and external applications through a mobile IoT gateway and an autonomous agent platform for sensors and services, while SMF provides interoperable and secure communications across boundaries at scale.

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