Mobile Solutions For Occupational Health and Wellness

A Blueforce eBook

Mobile devices and body worn sensors now enable real-time data sharing. These devices, loaded with Blueforce, fuse of IoT-sensors/cyber physical systems to create advanced situational awareness to detect when we have an acute, or potential chronic exposure to a hazard that may create a significant health consequence. What if we could detect it in your life NOW, instead of filling out an exposure report only to discover 10, 15, or 20 years down the road that, “Yup, I was right. That call I was on with the voodoo bad stuff really was toxic to my health.”:

  • Real time exposure reporting to enable timely mitigation protocols
  • Data capture over time to better assess longer term threat of chronic exposure related illness
  • A healthier, monitored workforce enhances longevity of service

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