National Security and the Internet of Everything

A Blueforce eBook

Increased operational tempo, decision superiority, and enhanced life safety are core goals for national security and public safety operations. Sensors and machine data hold great promise to achieve these goals, but it is essential to look beyond silicon. Decision superiority is borne of dismounted and fast-moving human endpoints, unattended and human-attached sensors, and decision support “services” that can correlate real-time data and provide just-in-time information processing, but also on-the-fly connectivity between any and all available entities.

  • National Security and Public Safety will be Rooted in the In-ternet of Everything: It’s the Fusion of Networked People, Machines, and Services.
  • Mobile IoT starts with carbon-based endpoints: the human brain will continue to be the ultimate of sensing and sense-making platforms.
  • Read how autonomous agents will be a cornerstone for sense-making and intelligent routing in the Machine Age.
  • The importance of relevance: The missing link in connecting “know what” with “know-how”.

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