Visiting Nurse and Social Worker Safety

A Blueforce eBook

Mobile visiting nurses and social workers perform vital services in our communities attending to the well-being of families, children and adults whose situations require that health care or social services be delivered outside of the relative safety of an office or hospital environment. Whether attending to the homeless on our streets, or providing services in someone’s home, Mobile Health Workers unfortunately can find themselves in dangerous circumstances.

It is believed that up to 70% of front-line child welfare workers have been victims of violence or threats in the line of duty.

OSHA, recognizing this problem, has created a document which offers guidelines for allied health field worker safety called OSHA 3148. Among suggested practices are the following:

  • Enable a GPS tracking ability for mobile workers
  • Ensure workers have a means of communication such as cell phones or panic buttons
  • Ensure protocols are in place for checking-in/checking-out with supervisors

Learn how the Blueforce mobile health worker solution builds on OSHA’s suggested practices and ensures worker personal protection and the real-time monitoring of an organizations’ mobile workforce.

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