Personal Security Solutions for Mobile Field Workers

A Blueforce Webinar

Many federal, state, and local professional careers that were once considered safe occupational choices have increasingly become laden with physical and personal security risks. Yesterday’s professional workers had the luxury of calling for help down a hallway, or worked under monitored conditions. Today, mobile professional field workers are potentially walking into uncontrolled and explosive situations given that their “workplace” is a motor vehicle with work taking place in neighborhoods, homes, and businesses where services are delivered.

Allied Healthcare workers including social service workers face increased and significant risk of job-related violence. Attacks on mobile workers are on the increase. Several months ago, a Vermont Department for Children and Families worker was shot and killed by a mother unhappy with losing custody of her child. Over the last few weeks, numerous DCF workers in several states have been assaulted.

Regulatory bodies are standing up and taking notice of the “mobility” issues too. Recommendations and standards are constantly being developed and evolved which require adoption, acceptance, and daily practice from both employer and employee in order to reduce risk. Recently released OSHA 3148-04R 2015 guidelines call on employers to provide smartphones, location/tracking, and personal alarm capabilities for lone workers that work remotely and/or those that service confined space environments.

Whether you are a visiting nurse, social worker, or other health professional, mobile technology for personal security can increase survivability during life threatening events. This webinar will address:

  • Framing the Threat and the Costs
  • Emerging Regulatory Requirements (Europe and now US)
  • Benefits of Software-Based Personal Emergency Solutions
  • Blueforce BlueBeacon Demonstration

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