Allied Health Workers

Modern health care is a team venture. Blueforce provides the tools to help keep them safe.

More than five million allied health care practitioners – nearly 60 percent of all U.S. health care providers – contribute to the nation’s health.  These workers perform a vital service in our communities attending to the well-being of families, children and adults whose situations require that health care or social services be delivered outside of the relative safety of an office or hospital environment. Whether attending to the homeless on our streets, or providing services in someone’s home, Mobile Health Workers unfortunately can find themselves in dangerous circumstances.  In fact, it is believed that up to 70% of front-line child welfare workers have been victims of violence or threats in the line of duty.

OSHA, recognizing this problem, has created a document which offers guidelines for allied health field worker safety called OSHA 3148. Among suggested practices are the following:

  1. Enable a GPS tracking ability for mobile workers
  2. Ensure workers have a means of communication such as cell phones or panic buttons
  3. Ensure protocols are in place for checking-in/checking-out with supervisors

The Blueforce mobile health worker solution builds on OSHA’s suggested practices and enables the real-time monitoring of an organizations’ workforce. It is highly scalable and able to handle thousands of mobile workers if necessary, delivering military-grade, secure advanced situational awareness at a surprisingly affordable price point. In the normal course of business our software enables important efficiencies. With a single swipe on the phone and a quick message, a supervisor immediately knows that a worker has reached the home of a patient and is beginning to provide care. When the worker leaves, again with a single swipe a supervisor has a record that the worker has finished the job.

In an emergency, our technology provides an unprecedented level of awareness that exceeds mere geospatial location and single-button “panic” solutions.  With our BlueBeacon software loaded onto health workers’ Android or iOS smart phones and tablets, supervisors, safety personnel, public safety, and agency security staff can monitor not only a worker’s location but also have a clear understanding of what is happening. Among others, there is an ability to remotely hear the ambient sounds around the worker in panic and also to see through the remote or automated triggering of the device camera what that worker is facing. Our panic reporting instantly provides awareness to each and every subscribed endpoint throughout the system and can be the difference between mounting an informed and timely response and being too late.

To learn how Blueforce is being used and how it can help your teams.

Benefits of the Blueforce Products

One Device, One Data Plan

Blueforce software solutions for Android and iOS allow you to leverage the smart devices, like smartphones and tablets, and the data plans that you already pay for.  No new lines or activations.

Customizable Escalation Workflows

Not every event requires the SWAT team.  Blueforce products provide a means to establish one or more emergency types, each with workflows that match your escalation, monitoring, and reporting needs.

Real-time Awareness of your Mobile Workforce

Location-based awareness and health status of each and every deployed endpoint plus signal/atmospheric location services for GPS denied and/or interior locations.

Overt and Covert Emergency Triggering

Overt emergency triggers that leverage manual interactions with the device screen OR covert triggers like pulling the headphones from the headphone jack (Android only) or device button mashes.


Resource management processes and multi-tenant/floor locations require information that transcends simple GPS reporting.  Blueforce products allow for capture of more discrete worker case and location data.

Emergency Multimedia Collection

Blueforce products leverage EVERY sensor on the Smartphone.  In an emergency, Blueforce products can send audio, video, and static imagery in real-time.