Field Service Worker Safety

Blueforce and the “internet of things” (IoT) provides a means to reduce the more than 3 million annual personal safety incidents in the United States alone.

We live and work in a world full of diverse occupations, and requirements… no matter the occupation, injuries will always haunt the employer, employee and occupational safety provider. Mobile technology and the emergence of the “internet of things” (IoT) provide a means to revolutionize the way we reduce the more than 3 million annual job related injuries in the United States alone. Recently released OSHA 3148-04R 2015 guidelines call on employers to provide smartphones, location/tracking, and personal alarm capabilities for lone workers that work remotely and/or those that service confined space environments.

The miniaturization and hardening of biotelemetry and environmental sensors now means a single worker can deploy with multiple sensors attached to their body or carried with them as a tool to support their job function or mission. The challenge, up until now, has been that many of these sensors confine notification to the worker, or move data in a highly stovepiped and proprietary formats. Both models force managers and life safety officers to look across multiple applications to make sense of what is going on with a single worker in the field. Multiply this by the scores of responders or workers and it is impossible to make sense of, or respond in a timely manner, given the sheer volume of data.

Blueforce products deliver an enhanced level of lone and mobile worker safety by providing body-worn sensor sharing, location-based-services, and proximity services that provide a mitigation solution that reduces training costs, increases adherence to rules and regulations, and maximizes the life safety of those who work in our communities and in far flung locations. All of this capability leveraging smart devices they already own without the need for additional data plans.

To learn how Blueforce is being used and how it can help your teams.

Benefits of the Blueforce Products

One Device, One Data Plan

Leverage the smart devices, like smartphones and tablets, and the data plans that you already pay for by leveraging Blueforce software solutions for Android and iOS.

Device Sensor Awareness

Blueforce products passively report the health of the device (i.e., power, signal) and whether the endpoint is moving, upright, or lying down motionless.

Real-time Awareness of Mobile Resources

Location-based awareness and health status of each and every deployed endpoint, on a single pane of glass view.

Emergency Event Reporting

Overt and covert means for workers to check-in and/or request help.

Person Carried/attached Environmental Sensors

A single deployed responder can now share SCBA data, environmental data (i.e., CO, VOC, etc), WMD (i.e., radiological, chemical, etc), and biotelemetry (i.e., heartrate, respiration, etc) using a single Android device as the “gateway” between peer responders and managers.

Single “Pane of Glass View” of all Deployed Assets

No more looking across multiple applications to determine location, proximity, environmental, and physical disposition. Blueforce Tactical and Blueforce Command Center provide a single view of fused sensing and human data so you don’t have to switch between applications.