Smart Cities and Perimeter Protection

Blueforce enables real time situational awareness that leverages actionable sensor data for the protection of facilities, critical infrastructure, and citizens.

The most effective “smart cities” and “critical infrastructure protection” initiatives use digital technologies to enhance performance and well being, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with its citizens. Real time “shared” situational awareness that leverages actionable ground truth intelligence is a requirement for the protection of global facilities, critical infrastructure, workforces, and citizens. Blueforce products provide critical actionable information by normalizing, fusing, securing, and presenting diverse and distributed persistent surveillance machine sensor data to the right people at the right time.

BlueforceEDGE and BlueforceCOMMAND Center provide an extensible, secure, and rapidly subscribable means to assemble and present a “single pane of glass view” of people, services, and sensors that include (but are not limited to): distributed acoustic/seismic/magnetometer sensor arrays, radiological, environmental, weather, signal, building telemetry, long-range day-night all weather electro-optical and thermal imagers, small ground radars, unattended ground sensors, autonomous water craft, and unmanned aerial systems. Services provided by BlueforceEDGE can include: facial recognition, analytics, network analysis, proximity and geofencing, autonomous state monitoring, and connectivity with any enterprise system that exposes a published API.

The combined use of distributed sensors and Blueforce software provides effective and efficient security layers with certain sensors focused on detecting and geo-locating potential threats, then enabling machine-to-machine connections for classification-based sensors to enable positive target identification. This “curtains of detection” approach ensures rapid incident detection, localization, and a more expeditious response to threats.

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Benefits of the Blueforce Products

One Device, One Data Plan

Leverage the smart devices, like smartphones and tablets, and the data plans that you already pay for by leveraging Blueforce software solutions for Android and iOS.

Device Sensor Awareness

Blueforce products passively report the health of the device (i.e., power, signal) and whether the endpoint is moving, upright, or lying down motionless.

Real-time Awareness of Mobile Resources

Location-based awareness and health status of each and every deployed endpoint, on a single pane of glass view.

Emergency Event Reporting

Overt and covert means for workers to check-in and/or request help.

Person Carried/attached Environmental Sensors

A single deployed responder can now share SCBA data, environmental data (i.e., CO, VOC, etc), WMD (i.e., radiological, chemical, etc), and biotelemetry (i.e., heartrate, respiration, etc) using a single Android device as the “gateway” between peer responders and managers.

Single “Pane of Glass View” of all Deployed Assets

No more looking across multiple applications to determine location, proximity, environmental, and physical disposition. Blueforce Tactical and Blueforce Command Center provide a single view of fused sensing and human data so you don’t have to switch between applications.