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Blueforce Field Day: DC Metro, 14 October 2015

With a stated challenge by government officials in shortening what is known as the sensor-to-shooter cycle – the amount of time it takes from when a hostile threat is detected by a sensor – either human or electronic – and when it is attacked, Blueforce Tactical and emerging sensing platforms deliver a closed loop and rapidly adaptable hardware/software platform for real-time sensing leveraging already deployed mobile personnel where every deployed officer, first responder, or municipal employee becomes a sensing platform.

Our Fall 2015 Field Day sets out to show you first-hand, how this works. Sponsored by Tech Data, Sprint, and Mac Business Solutions, tracks will include:

  • Track 1: Rapid establishment of temporary, but immediate, Command and Control communications using Blueforce TACPAC, Sprint 3G/4G/LTE, satcom, RF-bridging, and solar-generated power.
  • Track 2: “Sensing Platforms for WMD/CBRNE” will demonstrate the latest in technology for mobile curtains of WMD sensing plus shared SA and advanced hybrid life support systems from Scott Safety.
  • Track 3: “Next Generation Technology for Hostage Rescue and Barricade” will demonstrate LTE and smartphone technology for the ultimate in real-time collection and communications, shared amongst the deployed force using hardened and environmentally safe smartphones from Sonim and Kyocera.
  • Track 4: “Mobile Occupational Safety” will demonstrate “smart” and covert man down. Also demonstrated will be full chain of custody audio, imagery, and remote real-time collection of exposure data.

The Blueforce DC Metro Field Day will be held at Mac Business Solutions in Gaithersburg, Maryland on Wednesday October 14, 2015 from 8:30AM until 2:00PM EDT. This free event is 100% “hands-on” and demonstrates best-in-class technologies using four real-world scenarios.

Space is limited and attendence is strictly controlled to those with US citizenship. For more on this topic and/or to register, please visit our event homepage which is available here, or call us at 866-960-0204 for more information.