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February 2016


It is most assuredly not our parent's world. We suddenly find ourselves in a new phase in the global threat environment which has implications to our critical infrastructure, our schools, and our businesses. Cybersecurity remains a concern, but our physi-cal security in our personal and professional lives is now front and center. Recent attacks and attempted attacks internationally present a diverse and non-predictable threat environment. Businesses...

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By John Chier, Director, Corporate Communications, Kyocera   At Kyocera, we believe that not all rugged devices are created equal. Our DNA is rooted in creating mobile devices that offer a unique blend of toughness, performance and affordability, and we feel we have a leg up when it comes to providing field workers the best durable mobile solutions. A big part of our success in rugged...

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Blueforce Tactical and Blueforce BlueBeacon offer mobile teams an unprecedented level of shared situational awareness during lone worker, fire, hazmat, chemical, radiological, and explosives incident responses. While Blueforce manufactures best-in-class mobile software for deployed teams, these teams leverage smart devices upon which Blueforce software executes to take advantage of the fused sensing, location, and information sharing services that Blueforce software provides. While these types of...

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