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April 2016


Whether you are involved in executive protection, campus safety, or manage teams of mobile "lone workers", a fundamental requirement exists to keep track of people and to ensure their safety as they go about their day. Blueforce BlueBeacon is a patent-pending, highly secure software tracker and "panic button" for Android and iOS that provides a safety net for those who require personal protection, work in...

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It is most assuredly not our parent's world. We suddenly find ourselves in a new phase in the global threat environment which has implications to our critical infrastructure, our schools, and our businesses. Cybersecurity remains a concern, but our physical security in our personal and professional lives is now front and center. Recent attacks and attempted attacks internationally present a diverse and non-predictable threat environment. IT...

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There is a place in the world for the “big red button” personal safety hardware solutions and that is for medical emergencies, particularly for the elderly. The big red button hanging around one’s neck is an easy target to hit in a medical emergency. The reality is that not all emergency situations are of a medical nature. Teachers dealing with a behavioral issue or caught...

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