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Blueforce Starter Kits now available

Small and medium-sized businesses now have access to situational awareness software that is military-grade, and affordable.

Public safety agencies rely on operational intelligence to effectively respond to emergency situations. Technology can boost the amount of collectible intelligence and help synthesize and analyze it so informed decisions can be made.  Real-time location of essential personnel and assets is one of the cornerstones incident data that helps first responders and their command elements to make better informed decisions during an incident or large-scale event.  Blueforce is a recognized industry leader in enabling rapid swarms of inter-agency public safety personnel, and enabling location and IoT awareness.  Our software products provide a standards-based software platform to fuse location with body worn, proximate, and incident area unattended sensors and services with a distributed and robust geographic information system (GIS) mapping application that shares the movement of personnel and assets in real time.

The benefits of situational awareness to decision-making in time-constrained decision environments is not confined to mere pins on an electronic map though.  For years, national security agencies have leveraged location fused with IoT sensors to truly understand what is concurring at an incident site and across the entire deployed responder team.  While real-time location information can assist in finding an injured responder faster, it’s the fusion of body-worn and specialized sensors that can forewarn of potential health risks, equipment malfunction, and/or real-time (and potentially dangerous) changes in the environment during a complex event or incident.

Blueforce’s situational awareness software has been deployed and in use for years for border protection, counter human trafficking, counter-terrorism operations, subterranean military operations, CBRN response/mitigation, HAZMAT SWAT response, bomb detection and response in New York City, special events (like the World Series, NASCAR, New Years Eve celebrations in San Francisco), and military operations here and abroad.  Recently, small and medium agencies have asked the question, “what about us?”  Blueforce is pleased to announce that we have an answer to that question: Blueforce’s new Public Safety Starter Kits.  Available in three basic configurations, these starter kits include:

  • Two (2) BlueforceCOMMAND subscriptions, available on Windows or our hosted HTML5 web platform
  • Fifteen (15) BlueforceTACTICAL and/or BlueforcePATROL licenses for Android or iOS
  • World class “Standard” support
  • Online training and “how to” guides
  • Hosted on a secure, multi-tenant AWS cloud, managed by Blueforce.

BlueforceTACTICAL kits include a wide array of software plugins that include (sensor hardware not included):

  • Low Latency Video Streaming Plugin: Turns the BTAC device into a body camera
  • PosiMotion Plugin: Shares direction of travel, PASS alarming, and rapid deceleration events
  • Garmin TACTIX Plugin: Reports various physiological/health readings, but also receives Blueforce alerts, notifications, AI, and workflows to the wrist
  • EVAC/PAR Check Plugin: Accountability and evacuation workflows
  • TRX Subterranean Tracking Plugin: Leverages BTAC Location API to share GPS-denied and dead reckoning location services for use inside buildings, but also in subterranean environments.
  • MSA ALTAIR 4xr/5x Plugin: Reports real-time gas and chemical readings when paired with an MSA Altair 4xr/5x multi-gas sensor.

For more information or a no obligation demonstration, click the button below, or call us at 866-960-0204.