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Rapid swarming of people, IoT sensors, and cognitive services at the mobile edge

Integrated sensors, wearables, and AI made sharable using Blueforce’s dynamically composable, adaptive, and goal-driven IoT mobile edge compute software platform

Platform Infographic

“All of the information is transmitted in real time and displayed at a central command hub that resembles something from the TV drama “24.”  – Boston Globe May 30, 2019 


Swarm Faster

Rapid and Secure

Secure self-forming, interoperable mobile human and sensor networks for dismounted mobility platforms including unmanned systems and sensors with dynamic sensor discovery, sensor-queuing, and hyperlocal alerting to anticipate phase transitions and emergent threats.


Synchronized Information Sharing

The right information to the right person

Distributed sense making of ``swarm information`` across the team which is shared as processed information that is timely and relevant. This processed information tells a story of what is going on and can convey “signatures” that denote deviations from expected mission outcomes.


Rapid Adaptation

Future proof and extensible

Field operations are fundamentally non-predictive. Blueforce allows rapid adaptation in the field by allowing the operator to enable and disable capabilities on the fly. Our open APIs allow extension of C4ISR systems and provides a future-proof platform as new best-in-class capabilities come online.



One code base backed with superior customer support

Blueforce builds software with a singular focus on sustainability and an ability to endure as hardware platforms, operating systems, and sensors evolve. One code base, no forks, and a support organization to back it all up.

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Multi-modal sensor fusion is the interconnection of disparate sensors for detection and recognition of targets and events of interest. Core to the Blueforce mobile edge compute platform is a sensor fabric, composed of a proprietary and patented Decentralized Fusion Engine (DFE) and an open architecture sensor messaging fabric (SMF)

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