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RAPID Incident Command and Control as a Scalable Service from Blueforce

Blueforce combines rapid swarming interfaces and immediate connectivity amongst the right people, sensors, and AI-enabled information services, enabling teams to more quickly make sense of what is going on at a scene, without the information overload.

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Predictable Cost

Agencies can realize predictable OPEX expenditures versus large capital expenditures that come with in-house systems.


Start small, move fast, and expand as needed. Blueforce makes it easy for agencies to scale up or down fast depending on need.

Free up IT Staff

IT departments are stretched thin. Blueforce enables rapid mission success while adhering to IT best practices.

Continuous Innovation

Agile product development allows Blueforce to deploy new capabilities faster, providing access to new tools in weeks, not years.

Is blueforcecommand.com secure?

YES. All Blueforce products use FIPS 140-2 certified crypto providers leveraging AES 256-bit encryption for session-based data links (TLS) and also  for any data “at-rest”.  The managed service sits on a Center for Internet Security baseline meaning security is delivered as a continuously improved process as new cyber threats emerge.

Will blueforcecommand.com scale?

YES. Blueforce leverages the high availability and “scale on demand” that Amazon Web Services provides. As well, the Blueforce platform is built on internet standards and our core protocol scales to hundreds of millions of users and is the same one used by Facebook and others for awareness and collaboration.

Is blueforcecommand.com mature?

YES. Blueforce mobile and command products are deployed around the world for military and public safety. The core Blueforce platform hold a Technology Readiness Level 9 (TRL9) rating as designated by the US Department of Defense indicating use in active military operations.


Real Deal Blueforce Use Cases

Border Joint Counter-Terrorism Task Forces

CBRN and WMD Special Operations

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Municipal Special Events: NYE, 4th of July, and others

Safer Smart Cities

Transit Bomb Counter-Terrorism Teams