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Rapid swarming of people, sensors, and cognitive services fused and made securely shareable to the palm of your hand.
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Cross Platform

Android and iOS native clients for austere and contested environments, running on any IP network.

Mobile Edge Compute

Performs computation on the edge device for pre-processing and fusion of location and sensor data.

Rapid Adaptation

Future proof extensibility via software plugins, supported by a documented API and SDK.

Sustainable & Supported

One code base, contemporary dev/QA process, and a support organization to back it up.

Tactical Presence

Location, network location, device health, and enduser status fused and self-synchronized to provide complete awareness of every endpoint.

Location Services

Precision geospatial location sharing for outdoor use, inertial navigation location for subterranean use, and beacon support for GPS denied environments.

FIPS 140-2 Security

Information security at rest and in transit using military grade FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography for authentication and encryption.

Actionable Intelligence

Move information fast! Text and chat securely while also sharing pictures, floor plans, processed sensor, and other mission data.

Rapid Adaptation

BlueforceTACTICAL provides a future proof plugin platform for sharing of person-attached, unmanned ground sensors, and information services.


BlueforceTACTICAL is built on open standards enabling the highest level of interoperability between agencies and information systems.

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