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Corporate Security

Corporations are fundamentally centralized, yet their operations and the "places" where they make product and deliver services are based in far flung locations. Decentralized IoT sensor fusion and mobile capabilities are essential to ensure worker safety and for superior decision support amongst mobile management teams.

Solutions for Corporate Security

The Blueforce platform enables the corporate security organization to effectively protect both physical assets and its most important asset, the people conducting business within the walls of the extended corporate campus and those who are working away from the safety of facilities and are out in the world or travelling between sites.

Infrastructure Protection
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Executive Protection
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Special Events
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Learn how Blueforce enhances security for Special Events

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Blueforce is Enterprise Ready

The Blueforce product platform is a modern and affordable mobile edge compute technology suite that powers the Intelligent Edge, providing self-synchronization of people, sensors, and services to dramatically impact the tempo of operations, increase operational effectiveness, and enhance life safety.

Standards Based

Blueforce products are built on industry standards and can interoperate with enterprise systems.


Blueforce products leverage military-grade encryption and are built on FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic modules.

Future Proof

New sensors? No problem! Blueforce provides rapid adaptation using our software plugin SDK.


One code base, contemporary dev/QA process, and a support organization to back it up.

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