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Shared situational awareness and accountability for enhanced life safety

Blueforce Solutions for Corrections

Blueforce, in partnership with Samsung, provides vital mobile edge compute tools that keep wardens, jail administrators and correctional officers safe by providing shared situational awareness, enhanced life safety, and ensuring an informed and coordinated response when needed.

Situational Awareness

Real-time awareness of people, sensors, and information services for superior and faster decision-making.


Accountability is a key component to enhance personnel safety while working in high risk environments.

Special Operations

Real-time tracking and shared awareness for incident response, extractions, and fugitive recovery.

Cognitive Services

Blueforce integrates with surveillance systems and can provide advanced sentiment/mood analysis.

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Blueforce Mobile Edge Compute Benefits

The Blueforce product line, coupled with mobile solutions from Samsung, provides a powerful and affordable mobile edge compute technology platform that powers the Intelligent Edge, providing self-synchronization of people, sensors, and services to dramatically impact the tempo of operations, increase operational effectiveness, and enhance life safety.

Field Proven

Blueforce products are deployed today in major cities and have been fielded in active military operations.

Your cloud or ours

Blueforce server components can be deployed in your cloud, or leverage Blueforce's hosted service.

Future Proof

New sensors? No problem! Blueforce is extensible and future-proof via our software plugin API and SDK.

Sustainable and Supported

One code base, contemporary dev/QA processes, and a support organization to back it up.

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