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Blueforce mobile edge compute software provides advanced capabilities for remote patient monitoring and medical response situational awareness to enable a more effective and safer deployment of public safety and healthcare resources.

Blueforce Solutions for COVID-19 Second Wave Environments

Blueforce’s Mobile Edge Compute software platforms deliver remote sensor fusion which increases access to important patient physiological data and device data without the need for in-office or in-hospital services, reducing the risk of exposure for other patients and front-line health care providers, local or geographically dispersed.

Remote Medical Monitoring

Remote mobile biosensor fusion shared in real-time with autonomous and human medical monitors, while providing anonymized data to national health systems.

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Crisis Operations

Pandemics aren’t the norm for crisis managers. Blueforce delivers superior awareness of healthcare assets across the spectrum of disease progression and scalable care.

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Workplace Distancing

As we move from “social distancing” to “workplace distancing”, Blueforce delivers real-time monitoring of workplace face-to-face interactions and distancing.

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Standoff Surveillance

Blueforce integrates thermal and infrared IoT sensors for standoff monitoring of body temperature of passengers, visitors, and workers to prevent spread of disease.

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Blueforce Benefits for Medical Situational Awareness

Blueforce builds commercial software for the most demanding markets where security, interoperability, dependability, and sustainability are core mission requirements.  Don’t settle for less.

Field Proven

Blueforce products are deployed today in major cities and have been fielded in active military operations.

Secure & HIPAA Compliant

Blueforce products leverage military-grade encryption and is HIPPA compliant per encryption and privacy.

Extensible & Interoperable

New sensors or systems? No problem! Blueforce is extensible and future-proof via our software plugin SDK.

Sustainable & Supported

One code base, contemporary dev/QA process, and a support organization to back it up.

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