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Trusted software solutions for mobile and cloud computing environments

Software products and services for highly mobile users working in last tactical mile environments.

The asymmetric threat has moved us to a network-centric concept of operations where chaos and non-predictiveness replaces past eras of order; where today’s coalition or inter-agency workgroup presents a different membership tomorrow. Operational approaches require the complete and total embrace of tactics and technology that address the ultimate in complex adaptive systems where we operate and interoperate in denied, dysfunctional, and disparate last tactical mile environments.

Blueforce Development Corporation is an early-stage company focused on the development of software products that facilitate the formation of arbitrary and spontaneous confederations of people, sensors, and systems using handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Our passion is in the delivery of network-centric computing for those requiring the highest degree of security, mobility, and interoperability.

Our focus and vision are pure and simple: Develop, design, deliver, and deploy best-in‐class solutions optimized for network centric, last tactical mile environments and asymmetric threats. Download Capabilities Statement

Contact Information

Blueforce Development
P.O. Box 40, Newburyport, MA 01950
phone: +1 866 960 0204
fax: +1 866 801 9650
email: info@blueforcedev.com

“Our sole mission is to develop technology that increases time and distance to threats and to impact life safety by enabling human and sensor machine networks to share critical information in real time”

Michael Helfrich, Founder and CEO

Customer Application Areas

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Machine-to-Machine Sensor Networks

Life Safety and Occupational Health

Command and Control

K9 Operations/Search and Rescue

Special Operations/Incident Response

Surveillance and Collection

Tactical and Combat Medical