A ``single pane of glass`` dashboard that combines information from deployed personnel, body-mounted or unattended IoT sensors, live streaming video, and autonomous information services.
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Windows rich client for austere and disconnected environments, or, available as an HTML5 client.

Austere Environments

Built for contested and austere environments and supports online and offline ESRI mapping.

Rapid Adaptation

Future proof extensibility via software plugins, supported by a documented API and SDK.

Sustainable & Supported

One code base, contemporary dev/QA process, and a support organization to back it up.

Your View, Your Way

Supports multiple cognitive models for the consumption of live information: maps for the geospatially inclined or enduser constructed dashboards.


BlueforceCOMMAND leverages FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic providers delivering military-grade encryption and authentication.

Alerts and Notifications

Customize the way in which you are made aware of mission critical events using visual, audible, and workflow-based notifications.

Multiple Hosting Models

Supporting backend software can run at the mobile edge, in your IT data center or private cloud, or hosted as a service by Blueforce Development.

Historical Perspective

BlueforceCOMMAND stores all communications ensuring full chain of custody and historical “playback” of incidents for after-action and/or training purposes.

Interoperable and Scalable

Built on United States Government mandated interoperable presence and messaging standards; protocol scales to millions of endpoints.

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