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National Security

The increasing speed of unpredictable and chaotic events collapses the tactical decision space for national security commanders. Forward sensor fusion with edge-based processing accelerates recognitional decision-making, by widening the decision-maker’s aperture to more numbers and types of IoT sensor inputs.

Blueforce Solutions for National Security

From Seeing to Sensing and from Assessing to Anticipating: Blueforce is a mobile edge compute software platform for forward IoT sensor fusion with edge-based processing to accelerate recognitional decision-making at the edge of the network. The Blueforce Decentralized Fusion Engine (DFE) and services oriented architecture (SOA) allow serial or parallel processing with artificial intelligence (AI) at edge of the network, which decreases the need for upstream processing, shortens decision cycles with less network traffic and a smaller electromagnetic signature.

The Hyper Enabled Operator
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Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
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CBRN and HAZMAT Special Operations
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Subterranean Special Operations
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Learn more about the Blueforce Sensor Fabric

Multi-modal sensor fusion is the interconnection of disparate sensors for detection and recognition of targets and events of interest. Download our free eBook to learn more.

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Blueforce Mobile Edge Compute Benefits

The Blueforce product line is a modern and affordable mobile edge compute technology suite that powers the Intelligent Edge, providing self-synchronization of people, sensors, and services to dramatically impact the tempo of operations, increase operational effectiveness, and enhance life safety.

Cross Platform

Secure, interoperable, and available on Android, iOS, Windows, and HTML5 (Linux coming soon).

Mobile Edge Compute

Performs computation on the edge device for pre-processing and fusion of location, sensors, and AI.

Rapid Adaptation

Future proof extensibility via software plugins, supported by a documented API and SDK.

Sustainable & Supported

One code base, contemporary dev/QA process, and a support organization to back it up.

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