A highly secure emergency notification system that provides a safety net, by delivering location services, secure text communications, covert emergency camera triggering, ``listen live`` capability, checkin/checkout, and provides situational awareness of end-user movement and position.
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Cross Platform

Fully interoperable Android and iOS native clients for mixed or “bring your own” mobile environments

Extensible Monitoring

Monitor users locally, or leverage REST/JSON interfaces to send events to your monitoring service provider

Privacy Controls

Enterprise or local controls for when enduser location, imagery, atmospheric/signal, and/or audio is shared.

Sustainable & Supported

One code base, contemporary dev/QA processes, and a support organization to back it up

Panic Signaling

Overt, or covert: A simple swipe on the user interface or pulling the headphone jack out of the smartphone (Android) puts BlueforceBEACON into a panic state.


When geospatial location isn’t enough, BlueforceBEACON check-in/check-out allows workers to signal a higher level of overwatch.


End user controls who has access to their location information. All information transmitted using FIPS 140-2 military grade encryption.

Real-Time Location

Latitude, longitude, altitude, and bearing sent to one or more BlueforceCOMMAND or BlueforceEDGE endpoints at user defined intervals.

Secure Text

Exchange secure text chat with one or more subscribed endpoints to exchange emergency information and instructions.

Imagery and Audio

BlueforceBEACON can be configured to send photos at a periodic interval from front and rear cameras and enables “listen-live” on panics.

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