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Commercial / Enterprise

Blueforce enables organizations to effectively monitor and protect both physical assets, but also its most important asset, the people conducting business on the corporate campus and those who are working away from the safety of facilities and are performing duties in far flung locations or traveling between sites.

Blueforce’s IoT situational awareness and sensor fusion products deliver data-driven interactive and touchless workflows by enabling sensor fusion and sensor cueing leveraging a wide array of body-worn, proximate, unattended sensors, intelligent displays, and integrated AI.  It’s the perfect solution for the workplace and environmental safety monitoring, cyber-physical security for smart buildings and campuses, and lone worker safety.  From the sensor head to the mobile device, to the smart building/campus, Blueforce provides a distributed and intelligent IoT/AI processing platform that makes business-critical information actionable.

How Corporations and Enterprises Use Blueforce


No more vendor lockin.  Blueforce flattens IoT silos and enables a “best in class” approach to IoT by integrating and fusing sensors and services from disparate manufacturers enabling a contextualized “single pane of glass” view for the decision-maker.

AI to
the Edge

Blueforce enables AI at the edge: Eliminate latency and backhaul cost by pushing AI to the edge and allowing just-in-time injection into IoT data streams for enhanced recognitional support and multi-variant threat detection where seconds matter.


Blueforce enables rapid “stand-up” and “tear-down” of secure and interoperable human and sensor networks using mobile devices and autonomous agents enabling team intelligence for decentralized and self-organized systems, natural or artificial.


Leverage devices, IoT sensors,  and technology you already own, but rest easy in knowing Blueforce delivers an evergreen and “future proof” solution that can rapidly embrace and extend new technologies as they become available.

Benefits of the Blueforce Technology Platform

The Blueforce multi-platform product line is a modern and affordable mobile edge compute technology suite that powers the Intelligent Edge, to enable rapid swarming and self-synchronization amongst end users, sensors, and AI services to dramatically impact the tempo of operations, increase operational efficiency, and enhance life safety.

Mature & Field Proven

Blueforce products are leveraged in some of the largest public safety agencies in the world, and are deployed on nearly every continent, and hold a USDoD TRL9 rating indicating use and fielding in active military operations.


Blueforce products leverage military-grade encryption, authentication, and access controls, and are built on FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic modules for trusted information exchange.


Blueforce products are built on industry standards and can interoperate with a wide array of enterprise systems like Directory Services, RDBMS, ERP, collaboration,  physical security systems, and more.


One code base backed by our world-class professional services and support organization, plus a robust service provider ecosystem.

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