Our rapidly deployable mobile command post in a box, complete with communications, edge compute, sensor fusion, and a distributed common operating picture that crosses domains, agencies, and networks.
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Rapidly Deployable

Open the lid, plug it in, and mobile command and control is established in less than 5 minutes.

Low SWaP

Designed for low space, weight, and power consumption. At 38 pounds, can be carried on to aircraft.

Edge Compute

Processes run on local compute minimizing backhaul communications in comms denied environments.

Adaptive ICS

Includes our new Adaptive ICS Module for BlueforceCOMMAND with Integrated SMS gateway.

Rapid Standup & Redeployment

Stands up in minutes and redeploys as quickly. All in a “man portable” form factor that can be carried on to commercial aircraft and weighing ~32 lbs.

Mobile Edge Compute

Eliminate latency introduced by the cloud for incident and IoT/sensor processing. Ensures continuity when access to the “cloud” becomes denied.

T-Mobile for Government Ready

4G/LTE/5G backhaul with local WIFI bubble. Supports satcom backhaul MIMO/MANET/mesh. Antenna array optimized for T-Mobile Band 71.

Mobile Command & Control

Includes 1YR license for BlueforceCOMMAND for Windows, our “single pane of glass” common operating picture with Adaptive ICS Module.

Far Edge Micro-services

Includes 1YR BlueforceEDGE license, Blueforce’s autonomous IoT, AI, and services engine for unattended sensors, streaming video, and more.

Mobile License Cache

Includes 12 1YR licenses for BlueforcePATROL, Blueforce’s Android/iOS app providing location, tracking, accountability, video, and more.

Learn how BlueforceMOBILE Command Kit can increase operational efficiency and the speed of incident command.
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