An autonomous Mobile Edge Compute software platform for forward IoT sensor fusion with edge-based processing for unattended ground sensors, AI/ML information services, and data interoperability.
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Mobile Edge Compute

Performs computation on the edge device for pre-processing and fusion of sensors, AI, and data streams.

Sensor Cueing

Interprocess messaging enables communications between plugins, enabling sensor slewing and cueing.

Rapid Adaptation

Future proof extensibility via software plugins, supported by a documented API and SDK.

Sustainable & Supported

One code base, contemporary dev/QA process, and a support organization to back it up.

Forward Sensor Fusion

Sensor data, fused with metadata, among multiple sensors of single or diverse types to provide information and action.

Field IoT Gateway

Message queued interconnection of sensor networks with access to data from a disparate array of systems and sensors.


Creation and distribution of system messages amongst humans, sensors, and autonomous agents, triggered by threshold, location, or rules.

Edge-Based Processing

Flexibility to process data serially or in parallel, at the sensor head, on the gimbal, on an edge device, or in the cloud.

Data Flows

Movement of data and information amongst nodes, to and from external systems, for serial and parallel processing.


Diagnostic and predictive analysis, based on known or discovered relationships amongst sensor data attributes, fused with metadata.

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