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Smart Cities & Public Safety

Affordable Intelligent Mobile Edge solution for municipalities, law enforcement, fire, emergency management… to enable rapid, secure, intelligent connectivity between people, sensors, and systems… to dramatically impact the tempo of operations, increase effectiveness, and enhance life safety for our first responders.

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Commercial / Enterprise

Intelligent Sensor Fusion solution for corporations, critical infrastructure protection, mobile lone worker, and disaster response/continuity of operations… to enables superior decision support capabilities from the edge and facilitates faster and more informed insights… leading to better operational outcomes and facilitates enhanced life safety.

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National Security

Increased speed of unpredictable and chaotic events collapses the tactical decision space for national security commanders. Forward sensor fusion with edge-based processing accelerates recognitional decision-making, by widening the decision-makers aperture to greater numbers and types of IoT sensor inputs.

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Our Products

A turnkey IoT/sensor communication platform that delivers real-time actionable insights

Common operating picture/dashboard (Single Pane of Glass) with plugin layer for attached or proximate sensors.

Fuses multiple body attached/proximate sensors on a single human/animal endpoint with real-time information sharing.

Location, tracking, collaboration with support for video viewing with real-time situational awareness sharing.

A notification safety net, by delivering location, secure text emergency camera triggering, “listen live” capability, and provides situational awareness.

Fuses unattended ground sensors, fixed facility sensors, autonomous platforms, and AI/information services.

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“All of the information is transmitted in real time and displayed at a central command hub that resembles something from the TV drama “24.”
– Boston Globe