Blueforce Solution

Products and services that enhance life safety, increase operational efficiency, and enable better decisions

Blueforce Tactical (BTAC) is our patented mobile software application that enables the rapid formation of tactical teams and enables location, information, and sensor sharing amongst team members using Android and iOS Smartphones and tablets brought to the tactical environment.

Blueforce Command Center is our patented command and control software application for Windows and/or HTML5 client computing platforms for use by team leaders and commanders. The product enables the rapid formation of tactical teams and facilitates a user-defined single pane of glass view of people, sensors, and information services.

Blueforce BlueBeacon is a highly secure software tracker and “panic button” for Android that provides a safety net for those who require personal protection, work in remote and potentially hazardous environments, or for campus safety and security.

Powering the Edge

“Power to the edge” refers to the ability of an organization to dynamically synchronize its actions; achieve operational agility; and increase the speed of actions over a robust, networked grid.  It represents a fundamental change in how we think about and organize to counter a very different threat model where success is rooted in an ability to execute as decentralized and autonomous fighting forces.  It is an organization and culture that is optimized for dispersed yet integrated operations, nonlinear tactics, networking, and small autonomous units operating independently linked by real-time communications and business awareness.

Unprecedented decision superiority

The Blueforce product line is a modern mobile technology suite that embraces and extends the last tactical mile vertically, but also horizontally thereby allowing all members of a team to be on the same page specific to real-time events and information.  This self-synchronization of people, sensors, and services dramatically impacts the tempo of operations, increases operational precision, and enhances life safety by enabling:

  • Rapid and Self-Forming Teams: Instant and secure assembly of people, sensors, and services
  • Shared Awareness: Self-synchronization of mission information for a more informed response
  • Rapid Adaptation: Plugin based products which allow for adaptation in days, not months or years