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Blueforce eBook: 5 Benefits of Software Based Personal Security Solutions

Blueforce eBook: 5 Benefits of Software Based Personal Security Solutions

It is most assuredly not our parent’s world. We suddenly find ourselves in a new phase in the global threat environment which has implications to our critical infrastructure, our schools, and our businesses. Cybersecurity remains a concern, but our physi-cal security in our personal and professional lives is now front and center. Recent attacks and attempted attacks internationally present a diverse and non-predictable threat environment.

Businesses must pay particular attention to the recent events in San Bernardino, California. Violence by mentally unstable or fanatical attackers, although infrequent, has severe consequences for businesses and workplaces. Every organization needs to have tools that detect and mitigate these events as well as enable emergency response plans for outlier events of violence. Disturbed former employees and now terrorist groups can target corporate assets.

Mobile healthcare and social workers face increasing and signifi-cant risk of job-related violence. Pick up any newspaper and one can find attacks and loss of life of social workers, visiting nurses, and others that venture into our neighborhoods and homes to support and protect those at risk. Since October of 2015, a number of DCF workers in several states have been met with violent assault as they did their important work. There are likely many more instances of events that have led to violence that have been either overlooked or not correctly reported.

The marketplace is rife with “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” big red button hardware solutions, but none of them provide the edge needed to properly mitigate and deal with the life threatening situations. Muddying the waters further, the total cost of ownership (TCO) between solutions varies dramatically. Knowledge is power, and this eBook will make the case for software based life safety solutions. If you are considering solutions to protect your workers, this eBook is for you.  Click here to download the eBook.