CIOReview Magazine names Blueforce as one of the “20 Most Promising Smart City Solution Providers for 2016”

CIOReview Magazine names Blueforce as one of the “20 Most Promising Smart City Solution Providers for 2016”

Innovative engineering of the 21st century has rolled out a limitless supply of technologies and gadgets that have a profound effect on every individual’s lifestyle. Collectively, this is changing the face of civilization as a whole, with the advent of practical and viable implementations of smart city solutions. Every building block that plays a part in this all encompassing technology-from smartphones to Internet of Things(IoT) equipments, autonomous vehicles, environmental sensors, biotelemetry sensors, human emergency signaling, and other commercial surveillance cameras and sensors-has its own dedicated path of communication, data format, and data viewer.

To counter the challenges that arise due to the collaboration of extraneous infrastructures, devices, and information services, Newburyport, MA headquartered, Blueforce Development provides its class of fusion platforms. “Organizations can leverage legacy sensors while ensuring a rapidly extensible path to newer technologies through a ‘system of systems’ approach,” explains Michael Helfrich, CEO, Blueforce Development.

Blueforce perceives the ongoing trends in providing smart city solutions such as smart streetlights, smart parking meters, and smart trashcans as only the surface; the real focus is on resource optimization and public safety. “For cities powered by aging nuclear power plants, there is real value in distributed detection of radiological emissions released into the atmosphere,” Helfrich points. “This is just one example of connected emergency management sensing.” Speed and shared awareness of the entire IoT system that allows actionable information to get to the right people at the right time is a game-changing experience. Blueforce achieves the essential momentum of information exchange with its decentralized mobile architecture and machine fusion services.

Employing a workforce that has a good proportion of war veterans, firefighters, and first responders, Helfrich believes that the right technology when handed to people with handson experience in public security and defense, can enable better decisions that save lives. With their focus set on establishing partnerships with cutting-edge sensor manufacturers, advanced analytics manufacturers, wearable cameras and video analytics, Blueforce plans to leap ahead in the smart city game. “We are agile in what we do and we plan to stay that way, as the market is dynamic and changing everyday,” assures Helfrich.

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