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Blueforce Field Day – Fayetteville: From Seeing to Sensing

Blueforce Field Day – Fayetteville: From Seeing to Sensing

General Tony Thomas recently said, “We need to go from just seeing to sensing and from just assessing to anticipating.” Multi-sensor fusion in Blueforce provides operators with the means to overcome the limitations of detection threshold and vulnerabilities to deception and defeat by obscuration. Rapid network formation allows cueing and alerts from a wide array of sensors for everything from environmental sampling to physiological monitoring to hazard detection, worn by or proximate to operators, fixed or scattered, or mounted on unmanned vehicles. Sharing real-time awareness and analytics collapses decision cycles and allows team members to anticipate friendly and enemy actions.

Blueforce has developed a comprehensive “full stack” real-time situational awareness stack that fuses body-attached, person-carried, and proximate sensors to location and atmospherics. It moves it in real-time and makes it securely sharable to those with an immediate need-to-know. And it moves it between humans, K9’s/MWD, command and control systems, and valued added services like analytics and other information services. It cuts down on radio chatter and moves information synchronously.

Blueforce is pleased to announce our 2017 Field Day to be held in Fayetteville, NC on 1 June 2017. The event is open to government and industry personnel on a first come first served basis. The event is setup across five scenario-based areas with live, hands-on access to Blueforce technology, plus tech from our partner companies such as TSE, Scott Safety, Wilcox, Kyocera, DJI, BodyTrak, Mission Mobility, and others. The scenarios include:

  1. Rapid Command Post (CP) for inter-agency speed of command: We will establish a far forward Command Post complete with perimeter ground sensing, communications, and a next generation forward Common Operating Picture.
  2. Integrated K9 Operations: K9’s can get into places a human could only hope to. We will demonstrate deployed “MWD/K9 as a sensing platform” based on Blueforce’s adaptive and modular software to fuse imagery, CBRN, acoustics, and more.
  3. CBRN Mitigation Personal Protection using SCOTT Patriot 5510: Scott Safety will be on hand to demonstrate their new Patriot 5510 hybrid PAPR/SCBA/APR system with breaching tool.
  4. Ad-Hoc Unattended Ground Sensors: Blueforce technology is being used for the rapid and agile development of ad-hoc unattended ground sensors. A scenario that demonstrates fused weather, chemical/gas, gamma radiological, and tamper/approach detection will be constructed on the fly to demonstrate this concept.
  5. Unmanned Communications Vehicle: Mission Mobility will demonstrate their new autonomous communications and real-time sensing platform for use in austere and potentially toxic environments.

Space is limited and all attendees must be from government or the security industry. To sign up or view additional information, please visit the Event home page at: https://www.blueforcedev.com/events/fayetteville2017/