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We’re coming to Florida for a 3 city Field Day tour and would like to invite you.

Here is a highlight of the event:

  • Half-day field event (7:30 t0 12:00)
  • Hands-on demonstration for attendees
  • Who should attend: Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Social Services, and National Security
  • Five interactive scenarios: Connected Command, Lone worker, Hyper Enabled Responder & K9, CBRN/Hazmat Response, and Autonomous Sensing
  • Emphasis on the operational and environmental challenges to include edge compute, comms, and cognitive lift

We will be holding the event at four locations:

  • Jacksonville – Monday, June 7th
    at the Lumbee Group’s corporate headquarters
  • Pasco County – Tuesday, June 8th
    at Florida’s Forensic Institute for Research, Security, and Tactics (FIRST) in Land O Lakes (next to the Pasco County Jail)
  • Winter Park – Wednesday, June 9th
    at Showalter Field

Space is limited per location… so register today to reserve your spot.

Five Interactive Scenarios

Connected Command

Intelligent Edge command with fully autonomous mobile edge compute, AI, and hastily formed networks leveraging terrestrial broadband, MANET, and satcom.

Lone Worker

Lone workers perform a service in our communities by attending to the well-being of families, children and adults who are facing challenging circumstances and might find themselves in dangerous circumstances. Blueforce technology provides an unprecedented level of aware-ness that transcends mere geospatial location and single-button “panic” solutions.

Hyper Enabled Responder & K9

Combining rapid swarming interfaces and immediate connectivity amongst the right people, sensors, and AI-enabled information services, allows the responder to more quickly make sense of what is going on at a scene, without the information overload. Offleash K9/MWD kit for full spectrum response to include subterranean tracking, bi-directional audio, low light infrared low latency video, and more.


Demonstrate advances in hybrid life support systems that leverage innovative IoT electronics with Blueforce® integration, equipped for hostile CBRN and HAZMAT environments with improved monitoring capability, revolutionary power supply system, and world-class breaching/cutting torch options.

Autonomous Sensing

Demonstrate the next generation of mobile robots for emergency management, CBRNE response, and other use cases for Public Safety and national security operations. See the Squishy robots dropped from aerial drones and stay on target for extended periods of time, allowing a single drone to be quickly redeployed after delivery.