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We’re coming to Texas for a 2 city Field Day tour and would like to invite you.

Here are the highlights of the event:

  • Half-day field event (8:30AM t0 1:00PM)
  • Coffee and pastries served
  • Hands-on and interactive demonstrations for attendees
  • Who should attend: Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Social Services, and National Security
  • Four interactive scenarios: Mobile Command, Smart and Safe Campuses, Integrated K9 Special Operations, and Autonomous Platforms
  • Emphasis on the operational and environmental challenges to include interoperability, edge compute, communications, and reducing cognitive lift

We will be holding the event at two locations:

  • Houston – Tuesday, October 11, 2022
  • San Antonio – Thursday, October 13, 2022

Space is limited per location and open to Federal/State/Local defense, public safety, and education safety personnel only (NOFORN)… so register today to reserve your spot.  Registration closes on October 10, 2022! 

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Four Interactive, Hands-on Scenarios

01 Mobile Command

The complexity of emergency operations, the time compressed decision space, and the severity of potential consequences, creates conditions that are unforgiving of error. Critical to this is a mobile C2 capability that delivers rapidly deployable and fully self-contained comms, compute, and decision aids. This scenario allows you to go hands-on with the new BlueforceMOBILE Command Kit, Haystax, and Airbus Tactilon Agnet MCPTT.

02 Safe & Smart Campuses

A “smart campus” provides intelligent capabilities which improves the quality of life for its citizens by leveraging technology to respond, in real-time, to a highly dynamic environment. Cities are discovering that the infrastructure being built to enhance efficiencies can also be used to safeguard citizens. See the latest in distributed gunshot detection, smart lighting, and edge compute from Wi-Fiber.

03 Integrated K9 Ops

Today, canines are used for a whole host of protective services: protection, life safety, tactical support, and the detection of contraband including illicit drugs, explosives and biological and chemical agents. Highly trained canines, when fused with Blueforce’s mobile solutions create the ultimate primary detection, and search tool, while also delivering the ultimate deterrence solution. The objective capability is a working animal that can perform as an extensible sensor platform.

04 Autonomous Platforms

Battlefield, disaster response, and public safety sustainment is both art and science; it’s about synchronizing, integrating, and transporting commodities in a highly “just-in-time” manner to provide maneuver and incident commanders with freedom of action, operational reach, and prolonged endurance. Core to operational sustainment is autonomous platforms. See laser guided autonomous drone overwatch and resupply from Thunderbolt plus air droppable robots from Squishy Robotics.

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