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Public Safety

Public Safety

Blueforce enables all-channel access to what’s going on around you so you can make better decisions, faster. Learn more

Special Operations

Special Operations and Sensing Platforms

Blueforce delivers immediate and direct access to the information our national security specialists need to accomplish their mission. Learn more

Smart Cities

Smart Cities and Perimeter Protection

Blueforce enables real time situational awareness that leverages actionable sensor data for the protection of facilities, critical infrastructure, and citizens. Learn more

Field Service

Field Service Worker Safety

Blueforce and the “internet of things” (IoT) provides a means to reduce the more than 3 million annual personal safety incidents in the United States alone. Learn more

"All of the data, from all of the endpoints, in a single pane of glass view, to the commander."

Michael Zirkle, Associate Director, Public Sector, Verizon

Blueforce Deployed

Blueforce for Special Operations on Discovery Channel Daily Planet

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Homeland Security | FirefighterPort Security


Mobile Solutions For Occupational Health and Wellness

With all this real-time information, why should we have to wait 20 years for continuous health and wellness data for our own bodies? Why aren’t we using our smart device, fusion of IoT-sensors/Cyber Physical Systems, and smart-algorithm-created  situational awareness to detect when we have an acute, or potential chronic exposure to a hazard that may create a significant health consequence? What if we could detect it in your life NOW, instead of filling out an exposure report only to discover 10, 15, or 20 years down the road that, “Yup, I was right. That call I was on with the voodoo bad stuff really was toxic to my health”. Learn more


Additional eBooks and whitepapers


National Security and the Internet of Everything

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The 4 Realities of Contingency Communications

The 4 Realities of Contingency Communications

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4 Game-changing advancements in mobile occupational health & safety monitoring

4 Game-changing advancements in mobile occupational health & safety monitoring

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