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Public Safety

Public Safety

Blueforce enables all-channel access to what’s going on around you so you can make better decisions, faster. Learn more

Special Operations

Special Operations and Sensing Platforms

Blueforce delivers immediate and direct access to the information our national security specialists need to accomplish their mission. Learn more

Smart Cities

Smart Cities and Perimeter Protection

Blueforce enables real time situational awareness that leverages actionable sensor data for the protection of facilities, critical infrastructure, and citizens. Learn more

Field Service

Field Service Worker Safety

Blueforce and the “internet of things” (IoT) provides a means to reduce the more than 3 million annual personal safety incidents in the United States alone. Learn more

"All of the data, from all of the endpoints, in a single pane of glass view, to the commander."

Michael Zirkle, Associate Director, Public Sector, Verizon

Blueforce Deployed

Blueforce for Special Operations on Discovery Channel Daily Planet

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National Security and the Internet of Everything

Mission Essentials for Harnessing the Power of IoE

Decision-making for national security and public safety entities involves much more than the binary data sets that M2M/IoT delivers. Decision superiority is borne of dismounted and fast-moving human endpoints, unattended and human-attached sensors, and autonomous decision support “services” that can correlate real-time data and provide just-in-time information processing, but also on-the-fly connectivity between any and all available entities. Blueforce’s new eBook “National Security and the Internet of Everything” addresses the mission essentials to leverage the power of information derived from the fusion of internet-connected humans, machines, and services. Download the eBook

The 4 Realities of Contingency Communications

The first 72 hours after a natural or manmade disaster are critical hours that make or break the speed of recovery. Power is gone. Commercial communications services are denied if available at all. Worse, a non-predictive inter-agency mash-up is inevitable; with it comes an interoperability nightmare. Your ability to positively impact recovery and life safety is borne of an ability to communicate and coordinate in denied, disparate, and dysfunctional operating environments.
That’s why you need an approach to Assured Contingency Communications that works. This eBook outlines four “realities” that must be considered if you are tasked with business continuity, disaster response, or other disruptive events. These are all based on lessons learned by Blueforce principles who have deployed to numerous natural disasters, phase-4 civil-military operational environments, and numerous far-forward command post environments as part of counter-terrorism actions. To read the full eBook, fill out the form to download it. Download the eBook

The 4 Realities of Contingency Communications
4 Game-changing advancements in mobile occupational health & safety monitoring

4 Game-changing advancements in mobile occupational health & safety monitoring

Ground-truth intelligence: We live and work in a world full of diverse occupations, and requirements… no matter the occupation, injuries will always haunt the employer, employee and occupational health-care provider. Mobile technology and the emergence of sensors and “machine-to-machine” are changing the playing field. If emerging technology is leveraged strategically, there is a clear path to reducing the more than 3 million annual job related injuries in the United States alone. Mobile and wearable technologies are challenging “one size fits all” rules and regulations and are allowing dramatic changes to standard operating procedures (SOP) that are changing the calculus for human life safety. Shared Mobile Occupational Health and Safety is here now and can save lives. Are you ready? Download the eBook

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