Public Safety

Blueforce enables all-channel access to what’s going on around you so you can make better decisions, faster

Police and public safety organizations are working every day to manage extremist threats and violent crimes. Mobile technology is now one of the most important tools available to support information sharing, intelligence analysis, and inter-agency shared situational awareness. Blueforce products and services were designed and built to mitigate the splintered nature of intelligence gathering and analysis and break down the barriers to information sharing amongst responder agencies.

Blueforce customers live in a world where Command decisions drive mission success or mission failure, and where life and death is a function of actionable information getting to the right person at the right time. Most often, “time” is measured in seconds. A robustly networked operational environment using secure mobile software from Blueforce is changing the game specific to real-time access to team movement, what’s going on around them, and autonomous services that make sense of an operating environment and the deployed team. This concept, known as enabling a “Shared Mental Model”, allows every team member to effectively:

  • Understand the “as-is” around team members.
  • Predict the needs of other team members.
  • Adapt to task demands efficiently.

Blueforce products enable secure “small unit swarming”, an ability for responders from diverse agencies, to rapidly form responder networks to counter coordinated and simultaneous emergency incidents. Taken from U.S. Department of Defense strategy and tactics, Blueforce enables a true “network-centric operational” (NCO) model as a proven approach to mitigate asymmetric threats. Our solutions are optimized to enable and adapt to continuously-evolving, complex “network” of people, devices, information and services interconnected by communications networks to provide superior information on events and ground truth intelligence needed to empower decision makers.

Our decentralized and mobile software solutions enable the rapid formation of tactical teams using their smartphones, provides location services and collaboration capabilities, and exposes an extensibility layer that fuses disparate sensors from different manufacturers and makes this data securely sharable amongst the deployed team, but also to distributed command and control. A single deployed responder can now share SCBA data, environmental data (i.e., CO, VOC, etc), WMD (i.e., radiological, chemical, etc), and biotelemetry (i.e., heartrate, respiration, etc) using a single Android or iOS device as the “gateway” between peer responders and incident command. This multi-sensor fusion capability means a single stream of data from a single responder, allowing life safety officers and incident commanders to view an entire deployed force on a single pane of glass view.

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Benefits of the Blueforce Products

One Device, One Data Plan

Leverage the smart devices, like smartphones and tablets, and the data plans that you already pay for by leveraging Blueforce software solutions for Android and iOS.

Device Sensor Awareness

Blueforce products passively report the health of the device (i.e., power, signal) and whether the endpoint is moving, upright, or lying down motionless.

Real-time Awareness of Mobile Resources

Location-based awareness and health status of each and every deployed endpoint, on a single pane of glass view.

Emergency Event Reporting

Overt and covert means for workers to check-in and/or request help.

Person Carried/attached Environmental Sensors

A single deployed responder can now share SCBA data, environmental data (i.e., CO, VOC, etc), WMD (i.e., radiological, chemical, etc), and biotelemetry (i.e., heartrate, respiration, etc) using a single Android device as the “gateway” between peer responders and managers.

Single “Pane of Glass View” of all Deployed Assets

No more looking across multiple applications to determine location, proximity, environmental, and physical disposition. Blueforce Tactical and Blueforce Command Center provide a single view of fused sensing and human data so you don’t have to switch between applications.