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MEDWAR SOUTHEAST 2017: Decentralized Command and Control on a Single Pane of Glass View

MEDWAR SOUTHEAST 2017: Decentralized Command and Control on a Single Pane of Glass View

It was 2008 when we first heard it: “I’ve got multiple deployed teams, vehicles, scores of unattended ground sensors, K9’s, and aviation platforms to manage during my incident or mission. And I also have scores of applications that I have to look across and assimilate to make a decision that impacts a small patch of the deployment area. It has become impossible.”

When Blueforce was first called by a federal intelligence community agency with this problem, we were looking at a mission set that called for the intensive enforcement of 50 miles of federal border. It involved sensors that would help mitigate human sex trafficking, narcotics, and WMD detection. 19 different classes of sensors from 19 manufacturers. Blueforce delivered BlueforceEDGE, which leverages our patented sensor fusion platform and our rapid extensibility through software plugins. BlueforceEDGE delivered. Scores of sensors from 19 manufacturers delivered to one common SHARED operating picture (COP). It reduced human cognitive recogition of an credible detection to less than 60 seconds because of the multi-sensor queing provided by BlueforceEDGE.

This queued sensor data was visualized on a shared operating picture that is now know as BlueforceCOMMAND. It’s been in use for more than nine years across federal and state/local agencies and was the primary COP for MEDWAR 2017 SOUTHEAST. The image above shows scores of teams deployed throughout the Fort Gordan GA Army base where teams of first responders are teaching and testing their EMT and wilderness medicine knowledge and skills. The screen above shows humans, body worn biotelemetry sensors, environmental, and UAV assets on a single pane of glass view to a tablet, PC, or C2 devices like the Microsoft HUB.