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Blueforce Adds Support for BodyTrak Non-Invasive Precision Physiological Monitoring and Comms Wearable

Blueforce Adds Support for BodyTrak Non-Invasive Precision Physiological Monitoring and Comms Wearable

Blueforce customers live in a world where Command decisions drive mission success or mission failure, and where life and death is a function of actionable information getting to the right person at the right time. Most often, the perishability of tactical information is measured in minutes. A robustly networked operational environment coupled with the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the game specific to real-time access to team movement, health, what’s going on around them, and autonomous services that make sense of an environment and the deployed team. Most exciting is that the world of “wearables” may change the calculus.

Our first responders come to work ready for this shift because they have adopted technology as consumers, and as moms and dads. They have all of the IT gear they need to get home safe at night. They have smart devices like Android or iOS. Using software like Blueforce Tactical on these devices, they not only share location, but they can fuse telemetry from body-attached sensors like air packs, environmental monitors, chemical and radiological sensors, and/or biotelemetry sensors (like heart rate, respiration, and body temperature).

Blueforce is proud to announce support for Bodytrak®, the first physiological wearable solution to implement precision physiological monitoring and communications into a single compact earpiece. Bodytrak® is unique. It exploits the only body site from which all vital signs can be measured. From one small non-invasive, in-ear device, metrics including core body temperature, heart rate, VO2 and motion (speed, distance, cadence) are measured and evaluated using machine learning and proprietary data analytics to determine health alerts such as heat illness, fatigue and man-down, and these are output through the new Blueforce Tactical BodyTrak plugin and made sharable to your team and/or your command staff.

By utilizing miniature components, Bodytrak® also provides two-way communications and ambient sound transparency to meet the different needs of our defense, first responder, public safety, and health and safety customers. Since Bodytrak® accesses the ear, it detects changes in body physiology rapidly and accurately due to its close proximity to the brain, more effectively than when measuring at the periphery of the body.

While Blueforce Tactical enables real-time and secure sharing of Bodytrak® data amongst deployed teams, it also pushes physiological data to data repositories and centralized IoT services like AzureIoT allowing historical and longitudinal view of your team over time. The Blueforce Tactical Bodytrak plugin is entering beta testing now. For more information, call us at 866-960-0204 or send an email to info@blueforcedev.com.