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Microsoft Selects Blueforce Command Center for Intelligence-Led First Response Patrol Car

Microsoft Selects Blueforce Command Center for Intelligence-Led First Response Patrol Car

Law enforcement officers need to stay connected and be able to access critical information quickly and easily. Microsoft, together with Blueforce, provides combined solutions that empower officers to better serve and protect, and still allow a choice of mobile devices and sensors that both fit the needs of the agency and officers. Mobile phones running Blueforce Tactical can be used to share and receive photos, videos, sensor data, and to leverage Public Safety AI information instantly. Console mounted Windows Mobile Data Terminals running Blueforce Command Center provide the commander with a single pane of glass view of deployed officers, the sensors they carry, as well as unattended ground sensors and other municipal sensor assets.

The Microsoft Patrol Car is a next generation connected vehicle that is built on the Ford Police Interceptor Utility SUV with the new Microsoft intelligence-led first response platform. The intelligence-led first response platform is cutting edge technology that supports law enforcement solutions from Blueforce and other Microsoft partners. This platform connects officers on the street and in vehicles and the commanders who lead them. This connection serves to simplify and improve incident response and operational oversight. Data from in-dash cameras, body-worn cameras, body worn sensors, smart city sensors, land robots, aerial drones, and other camera systems is made accessible on a tablet or mobile device running Windows and leveraging Blueforce Command Center Windows as the tactical common operating picture. The intelligence-led first response platform with Blueforce Command Center allows officers to have more intelligence in the field, resulting in quicker response times, enhanced life safety, and safer cities.

As incident commanders strive to communicate with responding personnel, Blueforce technology allows them to make better informed decisions that drive greater impact and enhance citizen safety. When commanders have a real-time and single pane of glass view of situations using location data, sensor data, video feeds and multimedia capture, they have a clearer operating picture and can be more successful. In partnership with Blueforce, Microsoft provides commanders with tools they need to stay connected to and collaborate with their teams in an effort to secure their communities.

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