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Samsung Features Blueforce for Coordinated Emergency Response

Recent terrorist attacks and active shooter incidents have shared a common similarity: 100’s of armed responders from many agencies descending on the scene to help neutralize the situation. With that comes not only a radio interoperability problem, but a command interoperability problem.  Reaction time is critical during an asymmetric incident. Split second decisions are required and traditional methods of pushing decision data to higher echelons of command in an agency often hinders the speed of decision and action.

Mobile technology is one of the most important tools for public safety agencies as it leverages the internet and network protocols versus dissimilar bands and frequencies that radio waveform technologies introduce. It allows information to be moved seamlessly between agencies and responders.  More importantly, it provides parallel movement of sensor, location, physiological, and environmental data which can’t be described on a radio.

Mobile technologies like Blueforce help improve shared situational awareness and officer safety, and changes the game when it comes to coordinating emergency response efforts across multiple agencies at the tactical edge. Learn more about the power of Mobility and Blueforce in the Samsung TV piece, provided below.