Mobile Command Essentials: Shared and Secure Live Streaming Video

Mobile Command Essentials: Shared and Secure Live Streaming Video

Verbal descriptions of what is happening at an incident scene via land mobile radio (LMR) is valuable, but the ability to see what is happening in real-time is priceless to a commander tasked with making high-stakes decisions on-scene. These same video streams are equally valuable to the operators executing the tactical action. Blueforce Mobile Command & Control solutions makes live video streams available to commander using BlueforceCOMMAND, but also to deployed forces using the smart devices with BlueforceTACTICAL.

Seeing is believing, and Blueforce supports a wide array of imagery sensors and assets:

  • Drone and Robotics Video Feeds: Small commercial drones are increasingly being deployed by law-enforcement in search and situational awareness roles on-scene. The Blueforce solution easily integrates drone feeds and makes video fees consumable by both commander and officers on the ground in real-time.
  • Body Worn Video: With body cameras becoming ubiquitous in the law enforcement community, if a department has purchased cameras that support video transmission tactically, Blueforce can integrate those feeds into the common operating picture.
  • Platform Borne Video: Low light infrared and thermal video cameras and electro-optical sensors are deployed on numerous platforms from that range from helicopters to police K9s and military working dogs. Additionally cities have a vast array of video assets including traffic cameras. Regardless of the platform, the Blueforce solution is designed to enable rapid integration of these feeds and make them availabe to the deployed incident team.

The Blueforce platform, in addition to making these feeds shareable also offers sensor discoverability. What this means to the Commander on the ground is that there is no need to know beforehand that there is a useful video asset on-scene. The system will tell you and enable rapid and secure subscription to the video resource.  To see multiple streams of live tactical video in action, visit our BlueforceCOMMAND demo on YouTube.

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