Tactical Dashboard Video: Seeing is Believing

It’s a great thing when imagery can “say” everything that needs to be said.  It speaks for itself.  A dashboard video used during a USG training event is embedded below.  The Blueforce Command Center dashboard in the video shows members of a tactical team breaching a building with support from a K9 unit and shows the following:

  • Real-time Incident Map: Top left, shows all team members, K9’s, and unattended ground sensors.  Allows real-time view, but can also “play-back” where each member has been over a certain period of time.
  • Live Tactical Video: Top right, shows live video coming from a low-light infrared camera attached to the K9’s harness.  This could also be a body worn, thermal, or drone asset.
  • Gamma Radiological: Bottom left, shows real-time gamma radiological readings using GammaPix installed on a breacher smartphone using Blueforce Tactical to pre-process and share in real-time.
  • Multi-Gas Detection: Bottom center, left, shows real-time multi-gas readings to include propane, benzene, chlorine, H2S, CO, and other toxic chemicals/gases.  Blueforce Tactical for Android pre-processes gas data and then shares in real-time.
  • Human Biotelemetry: Bottom center, right, shows real-time heartrate, external body temperature, and galvonic skin response (GSR) of one of the team using Blueforce Tactical to pre-process telemetry and then shares in real-time.
  • Weather: Bottom, right, shows real-time weather data just outside of the structure.  Deployed as an unattended ground sensor, a Kestrel unit provides real-time wind speed, wind direction, and other weather variables using Blueforce Tactical to pre-process and then shares in real-time.

Blueforce Tactical and Blueforce Command Center delivers a real-time, fused view of a real situation. It’s why we entered this business: Securely move and share information that has a shelf life measured in minutes.  Real time location. Real-time environmentals. Real-time multi-gas sensing. Real-time gamma radiological detection.  Real-time detection of ANYTHING by leveraging the extensibility of the Blueforce plugin architecture.  Blueforce is proud to be pertnered with Alpha Canis K9 and Ken Ballinger.