Verizon Taps Blueforce to Showcase the Future of Public Safety and Smart Cities

Verizon Taps Blueforce to Showcase the Future of Public Safety and Smart Cities

Verizon Selects Blueforce for the new Verizon Technology and Policy Center in Washington, DC

Verizon recently launched their new Technology and Policy Center in Washington DC where Blueforce was selected and implemented as one of seven immersive displays for Public Safety and Smart Cities. Verizon created this space to tell stories. Not just Verizon stories, but stories that show how Verizon and their partners like Blueforce are creating the networks and platforms — both wireline and wireless — to address the societal challenges that we all face.

We are at the start of the second wave of digital transformations which are leading to immense technological advancements. The Internet of Things (IoT) is having a huge impact on our lives as innovations like mobile IoT from Blueforce, predictive analytics, machine learning and 5G are changing how we go about everyday tasks. Inside the Verizon Technology and Policy Center is a showcase of these solutions that demonstrate real solutions for real world problems from forward-thinking business and public-sector leaders like Blueforce.

“Verizon is no longer your traditional phone company,” noted Mrinalini Ingram, Verizon’s Vice President of Smart Communities. “It’s at the forefront of IoT innovation and providing the framework and solutions that will create the next technology revolution within the communities we live, work, and play.”

It’s an exciting time to watch the revolution surrounding IoT and Smart Communities. At Blueforce, we are proud to have been selected by Verizon as one of the seven strategic solution providers delivering value and life safety today for our warfighters and first responders. For more information, please contact us at