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Blueforce New Ideas Portal: Your Direct Line to Blueforce Product Management

Blueforce New Ideas Portal: Your Direct Line to Blueforce Product Management

A core premise at Blueforce is the practice of rapid adaptation. Our national security customers face digital age adversaries that adapt tactics frequently. This requires an ability for the “good guys” to adapt as fast and as frequently. At Blueforce, we practice highly agile and lean product development methods which allows us to ship new capability AND innovation quickly (often in mere days).

Customer feedback and “outcomes” is the jet fuel of Blueforce product development and allows us to improve our products and fuel new and bold innovations. When collecting customer feedback specific to product feature and function, we like to hear of desired outcomes versus try and tease out solutions. Outcomes tend to be more broad and typically offer “new ways” to do things rather than make the existing capability just a bit better.  It can be the difference between “making faster horses” (something that was requested of Henry Ford in 1908) or “inventing the automobile” (which he went on to do).

To that end, Blueforce is pleased to announce a means for our partners and customers to directly suggest new ideas and outcomes which are injected directly into the product management process. Have a new idea? Looking for a specific outcome that we can help with? Visit our new Blueforce Ideas Portal and get your ideas straight to the Blueforce Product team.